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Spencer Teddy

Spencer Teddy

Client Solutions Specialist

Q&A with Spencer Teddy

Where are you from?

I’m from Shelby, North Carolina; a sweet little mountain town halfway between Asheville and Charlotte. I was lucky enough to attend the University of Chapel Hill and moved there at 18 years old. Since then, I’ve adjusted to city-living quite well and have now made home here in North Hills after discovering CFS. 

What inspired you to jump into finance?

In school, I was always keen on math and its application in the real world. At first, I thought investment banking was the route for me; however, after discovering the impact that CFS was making on their clients, I believed that my time, effort, and love for numbers could be of greater value serving those folks who trust CFS like I have come to.

How did you find Capitol Financial Solutions?

COVID-19 led Bank of America to cancel my summer internship when I was on the path to investment banking. I reached out to several of the leaders in my local community and Robert Turner was one of them. When we met, I realized immediately that this was an amazing place with a phenomenal culture.

What’s your favorite part about working here?

My favorite part of the day is when my phone alarm lights up in the morning and I get to engage with our lovely clientele. Learning about them and their lives-whether that be beach vacations or grandkids-on a deeper level is super rewarding! A close second, I would say, is working in the stellar team we have here at CFS.

How would you define your role at CFS?

My intention at work is to be two steps ahead of Will Smith at all times. Whether that is being on top of our investment strategies, solutions or a client’s relationship with CFS. Being prepared is how I serve our team.

Now that you’ve been here for over three years, what’s been your fondest memory here at CFS?

When first working with Will Smith and Jeff Harless, we had to spend many late nights and early mornings to get myself acclimated to all the ins and outs of representing a financial advisor. While it may not have been something to smile about at the moment, I’m happy to now have those memories to cherish forever.

What are you the most excited about regarding your future with CFS?
It’s tricky… given so many answers! I’m looking forward to further progressing in my role here in order to better serve our clients, develop our client experience and client service models, and work more with advisors such as Will Smith.