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Andrew Rose and Will Smith Inaugural Vlog

Andrew Rose and Will Smith Inaugural Vlog.
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Embrace Change

The financial services industry has undergone significant change over the past 15 years - regulation, taxes, product offerings, access to information, and legislative shifts, to name a few.  Now, more than ever, it is important to brace ourselves as the fiduciary standard is being debated in Washington.  This, like most legislation, will alter the financial services landscape yet again.One thing that I have learned in my tenure is that change is constant and the only way to truly...
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Progression of Leadership

Leadership is a funny thing.  You don’t typically realize that you’ve lost influence until it is long gone.  I’ve been led in multiple ways over the course of my personal and professional life and have noticed that my perception of leadership has evolved dramatically as I age. 
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Against All Odds

One of the biggest challenges facing the financial services industry today is helping inexperienced advisors get started in the business and leading them to build a sustainable career.  Today, we will highlight two young men who have done just that with the help and support of a team at our firm in Raleigh, NC.
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service: (sur-vis) Noun: An act of helpful activity; help; aid. “to do someone a service.” As we approach the Holiday Season and New Year, many of us reflect on how fortunate we are this time of year. At Capitol Financial Solutions, we believe that a career in Financial Services goes beyond financial planning and wealth management. To our associates, the term “service” beckons a holistic approach to bettering people’s lives in our area and throughout the United States.
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